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We Are Here, Walking Toward the Unknown (826 Valencia)

We Are Here, Walking Toward the Unknown (826 Valencia)

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Have you ever been misunderstood or judged? What fears are you working to overcome? Can science and technology go too far? If you had the opportunity to go back, how would you fix a past mistake?

While these questions were inspired by the themes in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, a book written in the nineteenth century, they are still as thought-provoking and relevant as ever. In this collection from 826 Valencia, Mr. Chow’s senior students of Burton High in San Francisco set out to answer them in the form of personal narratives, fictional short stories, and letters.

From intimate reflections about their own lived experiences, to the development of creative and futuristic worlds, these young authors meditate on out past, present, and future — and the results prove illuminating for all. Inside this book, you’ll also find resources for teachers, including a curriculum guide aligned with current English Language Arts and Literacy standards, plus loads of inspiration for any writer, thinker, or educator.