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My Heart Went Beating Fast Book Cover

My Heart Went Beating Fast (826DC)

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A girl goes against her parents’ wishes and signs up for cooking school. An FBI agent tries to win back her partner who has gone rogue. A plot to overthrow the president kicks off—but after a stop at a McDonald’s in the jungle first.

In these stories, fifth graders at Bruce Monroe @ Park View Elementary have created vivid pieces of realistic fiction that weave together elements of real life experience and imagination. The results are stories of Dostoyevskian uncanniness, heartwarming friendships, O’Henry-style plot twists, and tragedy that range from the melancholy and heavy-hearted to the laugh out loud hilarious. This dynamic collection also features illustrations by Santiago Casares, winner of the 2006 Children’s Book Story FILIJ Award. Designed by Oliver Munday.  An 826DC Young Authors’ Book Project.